30 June 2008


I am loving Blizzard, Diablo 3 is announced!!!!!!!!!!!! So SWEET!!!! Witchdoctor is a new character class and now you can have male and female versions of characters, so I can roll with a female barbarian!! :) Sweetness!! :) I am so pumped for this game, Jenn however won't be. Hee Hee. I hope I'll have a new computer for when it's released. A 24 inch widescreen will be nice and a sweet graphics card would be pimp. :) Can I say I LOVE BLIZZARD GAMES!!! :) They make the most addictive games in the world!! I'm going to do my best to NOT get sucked in to playing games to the point where I lose my ability to function hehehe, no all nighters, but I definately love the Diablo games and want to experience the next version of it. :)

Also, I picked up Guitar Hero AeroSmith on the weekend....it's the kind of game made for a fan and I admit I am a BIG Aerosmith fan, I have the cordless Les Paul guitar with an Aerosmith faceplate now too, ROCK ON BABY!! :) But I am totally pumped for Diablo, best game announcement ever, needless to say I was on the net registaring my approval throughout the world. :)

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Unknown said...

Holy Crap!!! I used to love Diablo II and didn't think they were ever going to come out with a new one. this is wicked.