04 July 2008

Canada Day

On Canada Day Jenn and her friend Cory drove to Allan Beach west of Edmonton. We discovered to our disappointment it was closed for the season. We then drove to Spruce Grove to attend the Canada Day Celebrations there. Cory's hubby, Dale, was playing with his bluegrass band called WidowMaker. We had a fun time and enjoyed the HOT weather and outdoor concert. It was a fun day. :) We also heard a young girl named Samantha Schultz singing...Jenn liked her sound and bought one of her cd's. I included some shots I took of Samantha here as well. Also Jenn and Cory tried on some smoking hot hats, heheheh. :)

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Spruce Grove you say ? Too bad I was out of town.... come next year !!!