22 November 2013

Long time Microsoft Supporter Rant about my Day One Edition Xbox One

I have always been a Microsoft supporter, using their products and when their first console came out I was right on board.  I loved my xbox and was a beta tester for xbox live.  Then preordered the xbox 360 and had it the first day it came out.  Ordered it from EB games and walked right in on release day and grabbed my 360.  Now comes the NEXTGEN hype and I made sure to preorder.  This time I figured I'd order it right from Microsoft.  Good idea?  NOPE!!!!!

My experience with Microsoft has been terrible since I pre-ordered my Day one Edition Xbox One.  Here is a breakdown of events:
  • Preordered it long time ago (July 3rd) to be exact
  • Received an email telling me to update my credit card from them and then I called them and updated it, to make sure I get my console on Nov.22.  The lady from Microsoft tells me and reassures me that it will be delivered on the release day.  
  • Then I get this email:
Dear Randy,
Our Mistake.
You recently got an email from us telling you that your credit card had expired for your Xbox One pre-order. That wasn’t the email we meant to send you, and we’re sorry about the confusion it may have caused.

What we meant to ask you to do was to verify your billing and shipping address. You can do that by checking your order history.

If you’ve checked your billing and shipping address and everything looks OK, you don’t need to do anything else. If you see a problem, then please call us at 866-883-3754.

We’re looking forward to delivering your Xbox One on 22 November.

Thanks for shopping at Microsoft online store. 

  • I am not sure what to make of it, but look at them telling me how they are looking forward to delivering my xbox to me on that date, ohhh 22 November.
  • So I am all excited thanks to Microsoft!!! I am getting my nextgen system soon....on Sunday, Nov.17th I get an email from them saying it's shipped and it includes a tracking number.  On Thursday I see it shows that the delivery date is end of the day Nov.25th......ummmmmm, huh?
  • I have friends going to the midnight release in Edmonton at the Microsoft Store, one preordered and the other didn't.....guess what?  They both got nextgen systems.  A guy that didn't even preorder gets it before me?  Makes no sense.  Microsoft has my $$$$$$$$ and I don't have my console when they told me I would be getting it.  
  • Yes, it seems silly to rant about it, but the point is Microsoft is a massive company, they could easily do something to make me a happier customer.  They messed up and I get told "sorry to hear that" from everyone I have spoken with from Microsoft when I called....but they cannot do anything about it.  
  • Well Microsoft I am really sorry too, sorry I am a sucker for dealing with you and honestly so disappointed with the direction your company is taking.  After E3 I was ready to go PS4 and forget your console when your strict rules relating to the xbox one were described.  Then you lifted them and I was thrilled and preordered right away.  Honestly saying "sorry to hear that" feels like a slap in my face.  Really feeling like selling it on ebay and getting a PS4.  Not a happy gamer.  
  • This is what UPS says on the tracking link: 
Monday, 11/25/2013, By End of Day
Well guess I have until Monday to decide if I sell it, return it and go PS4.....I most likely stick with xbox one, I am just sickened to see how a customer gets treated like this.  When a company is making as much money as they are you think they'd try harder to make a customer happy that is pouring a LOT of $$$ toward them.

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