11 October 2011

My Top Secret

The following is one of my top secrets.  Well, for those that know me this will come as no surprise.  The Top Secret is that I love doing photography for myself.  As shocking as this may sound I do not do photography for anyone else but me.  How can this be?  Well, I have always loved looking through a lens and seeing the world through the lens.  Knowing that the moment I click the shutter I am capturing a moment in time.  I love the connection between a photographer and the subject.  It is fun to work with people and to know that I am able to create unique portraits.  I love trying new lighting styles, new editing techniques and love working in photoshop and sometimes editing a picture to death. 

I realize my photography is not for everyone.  I am blessed that some people do enjoy my work and that makes me feel awesome.  However, this positive feedback is NOT why I do photography.  It is just a bonus, an added perk that does bring me joy.  Then there are those that dislike my editing style, they hate my textures I put in some edits, they don't like how I process black and white pictures, I have been told I post too much work, that I shouldn't post a colour and black and white version of the same picture, I have been told my lighting style sucks.....to this all I can say is I don't care what you say....I'm gonna be me.  I do this or myself.  It brings me joy to do what I do.  I would hope the people saying this can find joy in something and do something for themselves that brings them joy.  

There I've let my big secret out.....don't tell anyone, I don't want people knowing how selfish I am when it comes to photography. :)

~ Randy SP 2011 ~

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