15 March 2009

~ Lizzy Hoyt Live in Vegreville ~

A talented musician and local talent came out to Vegreville. She played for a SMALL crowd but still managed to give everyone present a wonderful show. I'd like to thank Lizzy for allowing me to bring my camera and take some shots of her performing, those were a lot of fun. The two musicians she played with were also very talented. Here is one of my first few edits, more to come as I get to it. :) Check out Lizzy Hoyt's website at http://www.lizzyhoyt.com/

Ohhhh and to the Oilers, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, losing another in O.T. again, this is one frustrating hockey club.
~ Lizzy Hoyt Concert ~
~ Bass Player ~
~ Lizzie ~

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