29 March 2009

~ Danni and AJ Wedding ~

Good news on the computer front. BestBuy is awesome, their GeekSquad installed a new power supply. Turns out the one HP had in there was not a very good one....meaning it wasn't very capable of handling the power of the system, I have an awesome setup but the power supply wasn't great for the power of it. So I have an upgraded one and it seems to be hanging in there so far. No loud sound. So I am back editing and hoping this system stays healthy.....makes me worried a bit. I am thinking a major backup of files is in order in the VERY near future. Just need to save some cash for a good drive now to backup to. :)

Anyway, here are some current shots of AJ and his beautiful bride Danni. :)
~ The Kiss ~
~ Kiss ~
~ Danni ~
~ Wedding ~
~ Wedding ~

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Those are freakin awesome !!!!!!

Glad your puter is working again too :)