20 July 2008

~ Shantelle and Joshua Tie the Knot!!! Congrats!!! ~

Congrats to Joshua and Shantelle!!!!

Joshua and Shantelle tied the knot and I was able to shoot their wedding. Shantelle is a natural in front of the camera so it was a LOT of fun working with her. I have done a lot of previous model shoots with Shantelle so she already knows a lot about my work and style. Joshua is just a great guy, so supportive of Shantelle. They are both awesome people and Jenn and I wish them nothing but the best. They had a massive wedding party, 7 girls standing up for Shantelle and with such a big group they were a LOT of fun to shoot. I'd like to thank Nathan, one of the groomsmen for bringing his humor and stepping up to be a big help throughout the day. If Nathan ever reads this he needs to watch youtube and see "I'm on your side" from this hour has 22 minutes.
It was a long day, very hot but was a lot of fun to do the photos. I broke a record I'll prob never break again, over 20gigs worth of images, well over 10 memory cards full (hugs laptop). I hope the shots will all work out....it was very fun though...even if a bit stressful. I always get a bit nervous with a wedding, considering the couple is trusting you to capture the day and not miss those once and a lifetime moments. I love the chance to do it but wow...it's a bit of pressure...heheheh.
Once again thanks to Shantelle and Joshua and your bridal party, family and everyone that welcomed us to join the day. We loved the food but admit that drive to Vegreville is kinda long and rough for old folks like us...hee hee.
Here are a few 1st edits to get a feel for the day.....

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