28 July 2008

More Edits

Today I am going to be meeting with another photographer named Tara who lives close by. She just got the new digital Rebel and wants to learn some tricks of the trade. It will be nice to get to know a fellow photographer who lives quite close. Possibly have someone to go on shoots with and start doing more creative work. I first have to do some cleaning and I better get going and do that.
On a side note, I installed lightroom and am trying to figure it out. It's a a whole different beast from CS3 but I am VERY impressed with how it handles large amounts of RAW files and allows for quick edits and batch work. I will use it for sure but all the serious edits still will be done in CS3....adobe products are awesome!! :)
Okay I got to go eat and then clean....:)

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Rachel Schultz said...

holy crap Randy your shots this summer are awesome!! I am so jealous that you are shooting with everyone but me *pout*...Congrats on your very beautiful weddings!