23 July 2008

Exciting News

I am very happy to announce that music by Samantha Schultz is going to be featured very soon on my website. I highly recommend people to check out her website and listen to her music. My wife and I had the pleasure of hearing a bit of her performance on Canada in Spruce Grove.
On the musical scene, I went to CapX with Tanya and Michelle. Michelle is a HUGE Joan Jett fan and was loving the concert. I can't say I am a massive fan but Joan Jett is one person I think of as a rock legend. She just seems very hard working and obviously still enjoys performing. The concert ended with a massive shower of rain that sent everyone running for the exits and shelter. My camera bag got soaked but the 40D stayed dry. I also got security coming to me before her show even started telling me I could take pictures with my lens. I found that funny, considering my lens doesn't take pictures....it definately helps for pictures but isn't what really takes them. Anyway, she told us that it was "a professional lens" and no "professional lenses were allowed"....however, small point and shoot cameras were allowed, cellphones and basically every other small recording device known to man was allowed.
Here is a shot of the sunset last night at CAPX.....it was a nice one, but a sign of the rain to come.

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Gorgeous shots !!

And funny lens story ! Sheesh eh ?