18 May 2015

~ Destiny Spring 2015 ~

It's been a LONG time since I blogged so I am getting to it.  It's spring now and May long weekend is coming to a close this evening.  I got to see the new Mad Max movie with a good teacher friend, did some attacking weeds in the yard.  Didn't do much for photography so this blog post is about it for tonight.  Awhile back I shot with the lovely Destiny.  She met me in Edmonton and we explored the river valley on a warm spring day.  These are some of the shots we captured.

I was using the Sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens I added to my gear list.  I am loving this lens, it's ability to create mind blowing bokeh is something I adore.  I also love the sharpness and reliability it has.  Most photographers can admit that when shooting at apertures like 1.4 you're bound to get some soft shots as it is a VERY shallow DOF.  I have beyond happy with the results from the shoots I've done with this lens so far and I cannot wait to shoot more with it this summer.  I will try my best to keep more images flowing on the blog and excited to share my outdoor adventures this summer.

~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~ ~ Destiny ~

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