17 September 2014

~ Canon 5dm3 and Fuji xpro1 with Katelyn ~

I had a fun summer, did as much photography as I could fit in.  As summer ended and I went back to work I decided I would buy a used Fuji Xpro1.  I have been wanting one for a LONG time, the problem is I am a Canon dude I wasn't sure I was ready to add another brand to my photography addiction.  I asked a few friends for some advice and I found a used xpro1 and decided it'd be a good investment.  After shooting with it I am so excited by the perks of using such a small camera.  I knew having a small body would be fun compared to lugging around heavy gear.  I love the lightweight feel of it and the way it works.  It's totally fun as a photographer to use and it has made photography really exciting to explore with this little camera.

When I was a film shooter I always shot with FUJI film so yeah, it's a LOT of nostalgia to use a FUJI camera.  I also am thrilled with the combo of my Canon and the Fuji.  I can see myself using both a lot now.  I will try and post more from my adventures with this fun little camera.  Here are some samples from a recent shoot with the lovely model: Katelyn


~ Katelyn ~


~ Katelyn ~

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