25 October 2012

NO HOCKEY, NHL Lockout Solution

Like many other fans of hockey, I am getting tired of really rich people fighting over a giant pile of money.  I have a fun idea for a new solution....my idea is new and I am sure it would never happen but hear me out.

Basically since the NHL and NHLPA cannot seem to want to share tons of money and the 2012-13 season looks pretty much dead, I think that Canada needs to step up.  Americans have the NFL and we have the CFL.  The CFL is a great league for Canada and the players do not make a lot of money but watch a CFL game and those guys are playing their hearts out.  So why not ignore the NHL and create a professional hockey league for Canada only and open professional hockey up to new markets?  I think it would be awesome.  Keep the NHL cities:


and you could add places like:
possibly another TORONTO team
or any Canadian city able to put up a decent rink and fit the market.....

It would be awesome to have a Canadian league and if the USA wanted to start their own they could. Make it a North American league but have the regular season be played in our own countries.  No regular season play vs the other country.  Have a champion from each country and then each champion team could play for the league Championship.  So every year there would be a Canadian team play a USA team for the big trophy.  :)

I would make it so that each player no matter what their skill enters the league making a base salary.  It could be like $200,000 per player (cheap by todays NHL) this would include guys like Crosby and Ovechkin.  Now I realize in the real world they'd never take less....but who needs them?  Take who ever wants to play for that money and start a new league.  The league would have achievements  similar to xbox where you unlock achievements and get a higher gamer score.  Each player could then select an achievment to try and unlock each season based on their personal playing style.  Sample idea:

  • score over 50 goals 
  • penalty minutes etc..... for enforcers
  • assists
  • total points
The details about what the achievement would be and how much of a bonus payout would need to be worked out.  But the idea would be each player makes a GOOD salary and has potential to make more $$$ based on their performance.  It's just a silly idea but one that I wish would happen.  I am sick of where the NHL is at, it's nothing like the hockey I watched as a kid and the players are just all overpaid to the point I care nothing for them.  I used to LOVE Wayne Gretzky as an amazing player, the money he made never even was something I knew about.  When I think Crosby, Ovechkin and other elite players all I think about first is how rich they are.  Good hockey players?  YES they are, but do they deserve that much money?  I don't think so.  Just my thoughts about hockey. :)
- sad fan, Randy

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