18 October 2012

~ New Look Website and Vegreville Landscapes ~

I recently got a new logo for Randy Pond Photography.  I decided to give my website a reboot and new look.  I am looking to add some new portfolio images and excited to be going in some new directions with my photography.  I really love the new logo designed for me by a great artist friend.  I think the colours are really represented by the landscape of Alberta.  Everyone that sees a sunset or sunrise in Alberta can relate to the orange and blue.  Also love the Oiler connection there too.

I have been enjoying running around the countryside of Vegreville shooting the sun coming up before work.  Here are a few of the current shots from earlier this week.  Not much else to share on the blog today, just excited for some snow this weekend. :)  I am also hopeful hockey comes back, even if they are all a bunch of spoiled rich kids and fat cat owners.  It's nice to have a Canadian sport to watch during the winter when there is nothing else on TV! :)  The last black and white was shot with the iphone, I really love it.

~ Life ~ ~ Life ~ I love this pic

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