17 June 2012

We ♥ Photography Group

We ♥ Photography

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Weluvphotography/ is the LINK if you want to check out a new photography group on FB.

I decided it would be fun to create a fresh group and see how things go.  I really enjoy having fun with photography and realized I wanted to have a group that I can share my love of photography with.  The sad thing about photography and the thing I have constantly disliked is the fact that some photographers LOVE drama.  So I went with the name We ♥ Photography because I want people who love photography to be a part of the group.  You can be a noob, or a pro, I want you to join.  What I don't care for is the person with a camera that has the attitude of being better than everyone else.  I really believe that everyone's favourite photo is the one they plan to take tomorrow.  We are all out searching for a great photo.  It's why we love photography.  I wish someone would make a group called We ♥ Drama and have all the photographers who wanna be mean and nasty to each other join it.  They can all rant about all the people buying DSLR's and how it's killing photography and bash each other over and over.

We ♥ Photography will feature photo themes where members can go out and shoot on a theme and share their work.  Hopefully do some group shoots and just be a group to hang out and enjoy the world of photography.  :)

~ My Pad ~

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