25 June 2012

~ Abandoned Kittens puts life in perspective ~

This weekend turned out to be quite an emotional experience for me.  I was out doing a photo shoot with my good friend and fellow photographer Mac Sokulski.  We were shooting two lovely ladies and had just wrapped up on a location and wanted to find a quiet road to do the next part of our shoot.  We had 3 vehicles so we drove outside of Edmonton and took a side road.  I was following a model when she stopped and asked if that spot was ok.  For some reason I said we should move on.  So I took lead car and they followed.  I arrived at a junction and Mac was riding with me, we decided to take a right turn.  We drove a few roads and eventually I asked Mac if the spot we were at was good and he liked it.  I quickly pulled over and we started getting geared up.  As we were doing this I started to hear some loud meowing coming from ditch ahead of us.  Mac was closer than I was so I called out "is that a cat?" and Mac went closer to the sound.  He called to me there were kittens.  I went over, my heart racing, not expecting to see something that would upset me like it did.  There in the ditch was a pile of tree limbs, in it were 3 small kittens.  Turns out they were about 4 weeks old.  My guess is some HEARTLESS, evil, horrible, (I can't find the right words) person dropped them off there and never even gave them a chance.  It was a HOT day and they needed food, water and LOVE.  Only 2 were alive, so Mac and I grabbed them and we took them over to show the models we were with.  We had water and were able to get one to drink.  We quickly wrapped up our shoot and drove back to Edmonton, kittens in hand.  I stopped at a grocery store and grabbed some food for the kittens.  We went back to Mac's place and his amazing wife took over operation rescue kitten.  Mac and I had an engagement shoot to go to.  It was such a tough experience for me, I just felt so horrible to know people could do that.  These two precious kittens were never even given a chance and yet they were so strong.  Doing their best to live...it just hit me hard.  This world is such a terrible place.  The area we found these kittens was a RICH place, HUGE homes, people rich with money and worldly wealth.  Right next to them were 3 kittens left to die and it just hurt my heart.  I have had some good cries and maybe even a few more yet to come.  It just felt like God meant for Mac and I to find those cats.  We could have easily took a different road.  I don't think any one of us can take credit for finding them, it was just meant to be.  I do feel happiness and joy for the rescue, to see these kittens now in Mac's home and getting water/food and most of all love.  I know that I could have the best house money can buy, the best cameras and gadgets but my cats, my family, my close friends are the things that are REAL and matter most to me.  Treating others with love and respect is so important.

When I was growing up we heard this song a LOT as a kid in church.  This weekend I was just reminded of it.  The part of the song that says:
God made the little birds and flow’rs,

And all things large and small;

He’ll not forget his little ones,

I know He loves them all.

Our world is so full of bad things, that I think the little ones are the most precious part of our world.  The little ones make life special.  A kitten 4 weeks old, is so small, so tiny but pretty much 2 REALLY tall photographers were reduced to mushy guys by these little ones.  This world is so full of greed and people only thinking about themselves.  It is sad to see the little ones suffering because of our actions.  I am so very happy that Mac and his family took these little kittens and are going to give them a loving home.  I think the names are so awesome too.  The little female is going to be called FUJI (Mac's xpro is a Fuji) and the male is going to be called EOS (for the Canon that Mac also uses).  Just so glad for finding these kittens and for how it really made me think about life....about my life....about the world I am in.  Those little ones taught me so much....they also made me feel closer to God.  Remembering that even God loves the little ones and I know HE loves me too.
~ Rescued kitten by RPM Photography ~ ~ Rescued kitten by RPM Photography ~ ~ Keren and FUJI!! ~

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