16 April 2012

~ Sunday Shoot and a good weekend ~

I had a fun great weekend.  On Sunday I hosted a shoot with the lovely Susan and her sister Carla and their friend Kelsey.  It was too cold outside for outdoor pics, so we stuck to the warmth of the studio.  I missed getting a picture of it but they broke a record for bringing the LARGEST suitcase of outfits.  I usually want models to bring lots of clothes but this was tons!!! :)  Which was awesome, but I doubt we even scratched the surface on all the outfits these ladies had at their disposal.

Susan and I had shot YEARS ago and it was great to be able to shoot with her again.  She is such a stunning girl with just a natural presence in front of a camera.  Carla is tall, has great eyes and just kept pulling off great poses.  Kesley's smile was vibrant and she was just full of positive energy during the shoot.  All 3 were easy going and the shoot just kept going smooth.  Finny loved having 3 models to give him attention.  Although he slept during the last part of the shoot.

My hockey update:  So during the shoot I missed seeing the Penguins get spanked by the Flyers.  LOL....I am happy that they lost and by the looks of things Sydney Cindy Crosby had a melt down.  This just makes him appear less and less like the next Great One in the League.  Wayne would of never done the things Sydney did in that game.  What a joke and poor role model to any young hockey players watching that.  When the reporters interviewed him after the game he looked like he was about to cry.  Also when they asked him why he just didn't skate away from all the craziness he looked confused.....hope Flyers get the brooms out and send the Penguins golfing.  On a final note, GO KINGS!!!! Jim Houghson's Canuck's won't be going to a cup final this year from the looks of things, unless they all of a sudden pull of some magic.  Good thing too, I don't think Vancouver wants more riots.

Okay enough hockey talk......here are some edits from my shoot with 3 lovely ladies. :)

~ Girls ~ ~ Kelsey ~ ~ Carla ~ ~ Susan ~

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Bear said...

Fantastic set of photos Randy :)