12 April 2012

~ Playoffs started awesome ~

I am quite happy THRILLED that the Flyers won, coming back from being down 3-0 vs a talented Penguin team at home is impressive. I am also thrilled that a former Edmonton Oiler scored the game winner vs the Canucks. Good old Dustin Penner puts in a goal that helped the Kings take a 1-0 advantage against the #1 Team in the playoffs. Okay that is enough hockey news. Back to the real world. I am really busy with work, maybe slightly stressed even. But looking forward to the weekend. This has been a VERY short week with all of the things I need to get done. Friday is so close and still a TON to do, so I will keep this blog short and sweet and post a few pics from a quick shoot I did yesterday. Thanks to Joanna Hall and Gabrielle D. for coming out and shooting this model with me. It was windy but still so much fun to be shooting outside. Untitled Untitled

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