11 April 2012

~ Heat Wave Today ~

The weather today is supposed to be closed to 20!!  I am going out shooting this evening around 6pm and excited to enjoy some warm weather.  Should be good without too many insects.  Last summer was the worst for shooting outside with millions of skeeters always ruining shots.  

On a HAPPY note my Edmonton Oilers beat out the Blue Jackets and got their 3rd straight #1 draft pick.  The 2012 Draft Lottery gave them like an 18% chance and they got it.  I was loving it when they pulled the Oiler logo from the envelope and announced Edmonton would be getting the NUMBER ONE pick!!! :) While the  Calgary fans are in turmoil because their team is garbage, at least Oiler fans look forward to what is coming.  I guess their is a reward for being patient while your team rebuilds.  Not feeling one bit sorry for Calgary fans today, hahahha.  

So the 2012 Playoffs begin today.  Not a Flyer fan but I totally want them to beat the Penguins.  NOT a Crosby fan or a Penguin fan here.  In the EAST I am cheering for the Senators.  WEST, I am going for anyone but the Canucks (not a fan either) and hopefully someone like San Jose or Chicago wins....kind of indifferent.  Anyway, playoff hockey is always fun to check out, but without the Oil I am not heavily invested in any team and while most likely be a casual (at best) viewer.  With weather like this I would much rather be outside with my camera.

~ Life ~
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