13 April 2012

~ FRIDAY!!!! has arrived new website features and NICOLE!!! ~

Friday is here and hopefully this means the stress of this week will dissolve at the end of today as the weekend arrives.  I am excited to announce some new features on my website.  Randy Pond Photography now can be viewed in HTML5, what this means is my website now works on the iphone and ipads.  I am also going to be refreshing my portfolio and adding a lot of new work to the site as well as some better information as to what services I am going to be offering.  This may take a few weeks, months, not really sure but the one thing I know is I am going to be making more changes and trying my best to fine tune this photography thing so it starts working for me.

Short blog today, going to share some pics from a recent outside shoot with the lovely and talented Nicole.

~ Nicole ~ ~ Nicole ~ ~ Nicole ~

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