11 December 2011

~ December Weekend ~

Just an update, had a LAZY weekend....but I did manage to get some photography work done so I can send out some photography work on DVD to people.  There is a challenge with being a teacher and photographer, teaching always takes priority so sometimes photography work gets neglected.

I did have a good weekend, sad my Oilers lost to the Calgary Shames.  But lately it's been typical for them to lose to them.  I still would rather be an Oiler fan though.  I know it sucks for Flames fans but those 5 Stanley Cups will always prove who the best team is. You can't argue about the ultimate in hockey success, a cup win is a HUGE mark of success.

Holiday time is coming quick.  I am hoping to do a few shoots even though holidays are close at hand.  I just LOVE taking pictures and hope to get some more work done so I can kick back, enjoy holidays and have some new work to edit.

Well, I BETTER get to bed.....gonna be a long week I.

~ Breanne ~

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