07 September 2011

Vegreville Photography Group

I am so lucky to have found an awesome group of people in Vegreville that enjoy photography.  We have created a FB group, called the Vegreville Photography Group.  We have got together quite on a regular basis over the summer doing photo shoots in the area.  We have some models and sometimes we have to be our own models.  It is easy going and fun, a good mix of people that are starting out and some that have shot for a long time.  I have loved this opportunity to be around other photographers so close to home.  I really hope the group stays growing.  Winter will be tough but I am sure we can still find ways to stay active.  

Huge thanks to Lynda and her husband Soren for being such a key part of our group.  They have a passion for photography and they just bring it to every shoot.  They designed and created the logo for the group and made some amazing shirts.  Their business signsations is a great place to go if you want a creative design.

~ Vegreville Photography Group ~ ~ Vegreville Photography Group ~

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Bear said...

I <3 this group too. Hopefully when the weather turns cold,and the sunlight is not so available we can shoot in our garage....I mean "studio".

It will be very interesting to see how this group grows- what we will be creating this time next year! : )