01 November 2010

~ 305/365 Sunrise ~

~ 305/365 Monday Sunrise ~

I have not written on my blog in awhile. Just felt like weighing in on life. There are times in life when you are around people and without even talking to them you can get such a negative vibe and energy from them. I had that kind of encounter today and it just leaves me feeling really unhappy inside right now. Seeing darkness in people is such a sad thing. I know it is part of our world and no matter how hard we as a society try, there will always be this in the world. I am just feeling it heavy on my heart right now. It makes me really dig down inside and look at my spiritual beliefs. I think when a person encounters such dark and evil in other people, it sure helps to have some kind of beliefs or faith to give yourself strength.

On a happier note, I decided to do a Movember today. I am growing a mustache to try and raise awareness and money for prostate cancer. If you want to donate money please go to my page:

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