05 August 2009

~ Changes ~

Jennifer and I have got some new cell phones.  For people within our circle of friends please contact us asap and we will be more then happy to give you our new numbers.  We have the new Alberta area code so don't be alarmed if you see a 587 number and wonder who that is calling or texting you.  We both have Blackberry phones now.  So we are officially crackberry users.  I really like my phone.  It does a lot more then the CRAP phone I had from BELL.  I can also now twitter, upload flickr pics and just do a TON more with my phone.  If you are a friend with a Blackberry PLEASE let me know.  I'd LOVE to add your pin and be able to chat via the Black Berry Messenger. 

I also have exciting news with my photography.  I am pleased to announce a new website design is coming for 2009, from bludomain.  I have a new layout, features coming and am VERY excited to get it working.  I am going to be needing a few weeks before it's 100% worked out.  I have it ready to go live but it's VERY bare bones right now.  So to Jessica and Coleen who are awaiting their galleries, please be patient as I change over to the new site.  I will have galleries up asap and when the site goes live. 

Lots of fun changes for me in the website and cellphone world.  Summer has been awesome and looking forward to going to ZZTop and Aerosmith!! :)

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