17 August 2009

~ Back from the Ocean Adventure!! ~

Jenn and I got a sweet tour of Washington State, thanks to my Mom and Dad. They took us to Anacortes, WA....where we were able to go down to a State Park and hang out by the beautiful ocean. I got some lovely sunset shots and some cool ocean pics. Then we went to another beach on Whidbey Island, saw some massively big boats. After 2 nights there we went to Seattle for the day. Jenn and I had never been, so Mom and Dad took us on a Duck tour of Seattle. On the tour we got to see some cool sights of Seattle. Like the Grey's Anatomy hospital front, which is actually an office building. We saw the house used in Sleepless in Seattle and just had a whirlwind tour of Seattle. It was quite cool....then Jenn got her SHOP on and we hit some stores in a BIG mall in Seattle. Of course no where NEAR as big as WEM, but it was pretty cool. Jenn found me some sweet clothes for work. I will be all styling and profiling when I go back to errr......ummmm.........hate to say it....starts with an "S" and rhymes with cruel.
On our way back to Republic, WA, we stopped in a wild little place in WA State called Levinworth, not sure I spelled that correctly but it's close. There we walked around, I had a vegan sausage with all the German condiments to slap on it. It was pretty yummy. The entire town looks very European and has look of a small German town. Lots of cool stores and interesting places to eat. Jenn and I agreed it would be a cool place to visit again and take more time to explore.
I can't believe all the travelling we did and all the really cool things Jenn and I were able to see. I tried taking as many pics as possible, however I can't share them until we return to Canada. We should be back before this weekend. So hopefully everything goes smooth and we get back to our kittens. I think me miss them just a LITTLE!!! :)
I do miss Canada, these Americans weird me out.

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Yaaaaayyy fun ! Glad you got a holiday in !!