15 July 2009

~ Photoshop Art ~

I got a new magazine from Chapters and was inspired to create some photoshop art with an image taken of Emily. I did this quite quick, just free handed the outline of her on photoshop using layers of the original photo. Then used a lot of my tablet, pressure sensitivity brushes and the smudge tool to work the eyes and face. The rest was quickly done considering I am TIRED and wanna go to bed at 4am. :) Love night owl photoshop sessions. I love the night to be creative and try new ideas. Pumping "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day. Anyway, here is the edit, I am going to be doing more photoshop art this summer. I think it will become a new passion of mine. Photography will still be up there, but I wanna combine them and really start doing some creative works.

~ Emily ~

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