10 July 2009

~ Emily ~

I was looking at some photoshop tutorials last night on a really cool website on photoshop. It really reminded me how much fun it is to be creative with photoshop. There are so many talented photoshop artists out there that it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed when I try and do similar work. I have to keep reminding myself how individual art is. I know that is a simple concept but I am always looking at other artists and creative people and feeling like somehow I just don't stack up. I do love it and last night I played around with a pic from my shoot with Emily. I have come up with these two versions. I really like them both for different reasons.

~ Emily ~~ Emily ~

A great resource for stock photography to use with edits is here. I found a lot of cool images to use and sometimes a good stock image is a place to start for creating ideas. Just use your imagination, practice photoshop and really start learning to use layers, layer properties and how to blend layers together to create different looks. I found dodge and burn are also very helpful tools. The trick when you blend lots of images together is to try and make the lighting and colour work. It's like a magic trick, trying your best to create the illusion that all of those elements you are blending together in photoshop deserve to be there together. A good way of doing this is doing an image adjustment for colour balance on the layers to try and make them all work together.
I hope I am able to inspire someone else to try using photoshop and to be creative. I am by no means an expert or on the level of some of the photoshop artists out there. It's an art form and takes time and a lot of talent to master. You have to start somewhere and don't let others intimidate you. Just do what you can do and it will come. Baby steps, I started with some really basic concepts and techniques. Google is your friend and there are some excellent guides and tutorials out there. I look forward to exploring my creative side more this summer. :)
On a personal note, thanks SO much to the people (you know who you are) that read my blog about my Dad and his recent diagnosis with cancer. He is seeing his doctor today to discuss treatment, so hopefully tonight I will have some reassuring news. Your thoughts, prayers and well wishes really helped and I thank you so much. I know many of you have had loved ones and close family ill and also experiencing cancer, which makes it mean even more to me on a personal level that you cared enough to let me know you were thinking of my family. Thanks so much. I hope all of your families and friends stay safe and healthy this summer and in the future too! :)
On a really happy note, my beautiful wife returned safe and sound from her Huntsville adventures. I love having her back as do the 3 baby cats. Life is good! :)

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