08 June 2009

~ Monday ~

BUSY BUSY BUSY life. Lots on the go, Jenn and I are cleaning the house, I am busy wrapping up the school year. Crazy stuff going on as teachers shut it down for the year.

I have a few shoots up and coming. Also rocking the new xbox elite, thanks to SONNY V!! :) Bday is on Wednesday, 36 years OLD! :) and I do feel old like dirt.

Had a great day yesterday. Had Nestor over for a visit, he is a good buddy. We played 2k basketball and Lakers won vs the Magic. Then the real life Lakers did the same.....I also had a yummy bbq thanks to my awesome wife.

Looking forward to summer so much. Hope to do a lot of photography. Here is a current Elisha edit:

~ Elisha ~
~ Elisha ~
~ Elisha ~

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