15 April 2009

~ Wednesday ~

I am looking forward to summer. I really want to focus on shooting location shots this summer. If I am going to do portraits I want them to be done in some really amazing locations. I want to scout of Edmonton and try and find places to shoot that are unique. I do not want to just flock to the legislature building. That has become overdone in my mind. It's always a mass of people, photographers and usually weddings fighting for locations there. I love the spots to shoot there, but have shot enough there. I want to find locations that really are off the beaten path.

I did get an AlienBee vagabond, which is a portable power supply. I want to use it on location shoots and add artificial lighting to natural light. I feel this combo will create some stunning portraits. I really can't wait until more leaves come out and it turns green. This summer of 2009 is going to be a busy one for my 40D. I hope it burns out and I can convince Jenn to buy me a 5DMII. Or maybe Tammy will throw her 5D my way out of pity. She's a high roller...that's pocket change to her. :)
~ Susan ~

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Pocket change ...LOL! You are a funny one aren't you?