28 April 2009


I am so excited, the FLAMES are one and done. As it should be the Calgary Flames choke on it in the playoffs. YAY!!! :)

Now I don't care who wins the cup...if it's not Edmonton it's not worth caring. :) I do want to get out this summer and take lots of really pretty pictures. Jenn asked me to go outside during the weekend snow storm and take a picture of her poor flower as it tried to ignore the snow falling on it.

I think the weather is going to get better and can't wait for things to start turning GREEN. Scary news about this Swine Flu. There is always some nasty thing out there to scare people. SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu now.....just reminders as to how frail we really are as humans and how life is never to be taken for granted. It's sad that people are dying from this. I really hope it does not spread and create more chaos in the lives of people.

~ First Spring Flower ~

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