20 April 2009

~ 420 RANT ~

This day ticks me off. 420 the code for pot heads to use to refer to their illegal drug. I know it's a big debate, there are people that say it should be legal. I prefer to take the stance against ALL illegal drugs and even the legal ones like alcohol and smoking of any kind. I wish people could see beyond the "pleasure" that they gain from these drugs. Families of law enforcement officers deserve to have more people stand against drugs. Today in Edmonton Pot heads went down to the leg grounds to "protest". I wish they could visit the graves of lives ruined by drugs. It's such a selfish world. Pro POT people can argue with me all they want about it. I've worked in schools where almost every kid smoked pot. I've seen first hand what it leads to. I am a young teacher and have had too many students buried. Suicide, murder you name it. I've lost too many students to drug related deaths and been witness to so much lost potential due to drugs. I coached basketball and saw how these teens were "brain dead" they had no motivation to excel in sports, school or much of anything. Smoking up was their world and all they desired to do.

It's illegal....not cool......police put their life on the law every day to defend laws that our democratic society makes. Even drugs like alcohol cause larger problems even more so I bet then pot. Everyone can make their choice, but I wish more people would see it for what it is. A waste and dredge on our society.

On a much happier note, I saw some beautiful wildlife of the feathered type on my way to work. I was blessed by seeing a field so full of snow geese, Canada Geese and who knows what else. The sounds were awesome, I plan to YouTube the video clip I took with my G9. It was sweet to see as far as my eye could see, a sea of white birds. It was very cool. :)
~ April 20th, Massive Bird Convention ~

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Cptpoland said...

Ah so that's what this 420 is. Thanks for clarifying this. My stance on this is not as strong as yours. I do enjoy a nice cold beer from time to time. Unfortunately drugs have been with our society from the time humans learned to walk, so it will be an ongoing problem. What we really need is education, education and more education, but smart education. Not just pamphlets and posters. We need people who can clearly explain things to the youth, with inteligent conversation with out making this a tabu. Nature of humans is that the more something is "forbidden" the more appealing it is going to be. That's just my opinion......what do I know.