18 February 2009

~ Whacky Wednesday ~

Random Thoughts:

The good news of the day is my back pain is almost gone...I'd say I am running at 80% which is great for me. I feel a bit of pain but nothing near what I was having a few days ago. I feel for people with chronic back pain and hope I never have to go through this on a regular basis.

Today will be a long day, I am staying late at work for a meeting so I don't expect to be home until quite late. Oh well, it'll be a good reason to get some extra work done @ work.

The Oilers are starting a TYPICAL playoff run....they win, win, win and then LOSE......just enough to tease their fans. It's like they fear success...they look like an awesome team, then POW, back to playing below average. This team seems unable to get over the hump of being an average team. HINT TO OILER MANAGAMENT: NEW COACH, NEW COACH.....look at the rest of the NHL teams, if this was the Penguins, Mac T would be long gone. I think he was an awesome player, but players don't make great coaches.....so, ummm, yeah, get a new coach plz Edmonton.

Sleep, I wish I could of slept in today...it's just one of those days I wish I could lay in bed and sleep the day away. I think I am going to be resting up this weekend.....nap time here I come.

~ SacredVirgin ~

~ Nikki ~

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Glad to hear you are a bit better !

When you get a chance I sent a few emails * wink *