09 February 2009

~ Music and Art ~

I think music and art go hand in hand. In art school, we had our studio classes pumping with music. I love all genres of music...depending on my mood I will listen to a little bit of everything. Like this moment I have some Tone Loc playing....I find when I am doing a photo shoot or editing I have to listen to some music. Music fills those gaps of what would be awkward silence when I am setting lights up or doing something that requires my mental effort. I am after all a male and we suck at multi tasking in the best of times. Music sets a mood for the shoot and can really get the model in the mood to be in front of the camera.

People that know me quite well, can testify how varied my taste in music is. One minute hardcore rapping, the next old school church music. I'll listen to top 40....but also to bands most people have never heard of like the Cadillac Tramps or The Holmes Brothers which are one of my faves. Music keeps the wheels in my brain a turning.

Tomorrow I am going to be shooting my picture to enter in to the Edmonton Oilers, Spirit Of Hockey contest. The deadline is fast approaching and I am eager to get my take in. If I were to win I would be ready to retire. :) For me to win a photography contest related to my all time favourite hockey club would be an honor. The prizes would just be icing on the cake. I will be asking for everyone that stumbles over my blog to vote for me. The big test is making the finals, only the finalists will have their work posted on the Oiler website. The voting only lasts for a few days so be ready to vote people. I am going to shoot tomorrow and hopefully have the entry mailed in before noon on Wednesday. This will take some mad photoshop skills, because my entry is going to be photoshop intensive and if it turns out anything like my mental image of it, I'm going to be in the hunt for winning this baby. (cross your eyes, toes oh yeah and fingers too please)