12 February 2009

~ Dissed by ATB Finacial ~

Well, I entered my photo and was not even in the top 3.....(sob, sob)...heheheh. The good news is the Oilers won!!! 7-2 over the HABS....it's about time Oil.

Anyway, the 3 finalists are posted on the Oiler website and I am seriously wondering who at ATB picks finalists. Anyway, I'll try not to be a sore loser...(ATB sucks)...:). They can be sure I'll never do business with them again.....I am sure they are not going to care....considering I am no where near a rich dude.

Oh well, our classroom has a Wii and we have a fun day today....yipeeeee!!.....so I'll just forget that they didn't pick my picture and love my long weekend......hope everyone at ATB works like dogs this long weekend....muhahahahah.

-Bitter Photographer Out (my 2 umbrella's died for u atb and u didn't pick me)

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