17 January 2009

~ Rough Week ~

~ Refinery ~
This was a REALLY tough week for me. Work was rough, just nothing really went as planned. Glad I made it to the weekend. Also glad that the Oilers traded Garron away to the Penguins. Now hopefully the 3 way goalie problems they were having will go away. Not much to say, I'm fighting a nasal cold....(yeah it's gross). Just tired and pretty much feeling winter blues, even though it's warm and sunny today. Looking forward to summer and NOT teaching.

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Owen Law said...

Great shot Randy! Every night on my way home from work I want to stop and take a picture of the refineries but never do, don't know why. I love the way the steam and smoke light up against the lights of the city and the smoke stacks. I'll have to follow your lead and stop before the snow is all gone. Sorry to hear about your work week, my wife is a teacher so I can kind of relate. Hopefully the new semester will bring a positive change to get you through to the favorite time in most teachers year - SUMMER!