26 January 2009

~ Monday - Out of Shape - Need Sleep ~

Well, our little school won the recreational ball hockey tournament at EIPS. It was a lot of fun, our team Chix with Stix was awesome. For a team of all ladies + moi and my principal we did great. We had a players that never played hockey before but I do think if you're Canadian it's in your genetic code to play hockey. Some teams we played were mostly men and it was really cool to see our school do some bonding and showing teamwork. But best of all was just how much fun it was. Mind you, the next day was NOT fun for me. I realized my lack of physical activities in the past few years and sports have taken it's toll on my body. I am VERY sore and pretty much every part of my body. I think it's time for me to get serious and start to work out and get myself back in to some kind of shape. The winning team received a golden stick and our school will be rewarded with it at our PD day on Friday. :) It's fun for a small school like ours to get win something like this. Teachers are a competitive bunch and it's a blast when you can claim bragging rights. :) Well, now I get to limp around work today and pretty much feel shame for being so outta shape.
~ Ball Hockey Champs 2009 ~