04 January 2009

2009 | No More Holidays

Well, this is the LAST day of holidays for me.....(insert Randy crying sounds here). Yes, the holidays were awesome and full of fun. Jenn and I loved being able to hang with our friends, our cats and just have some good times. My friend Sonny and I had some extreme gaming sessions to end the holidays. We got each other the game Call of Duty (World at War) for Christmas...he came to visit and we set up our xbox's in the basement. I had the 42" LCD and Sonny was on the TINY 19" LCD and we gamed hardcore till some VERY late hours. Let me say, if life we like the SIMS game my hygene meter got VERY low. We had a ton of fun and I am addicted to that Call of Duty madness. It's so much fun, calling in artillery strikes on the enemy, calling in attack dogs to hunt the enemy down, driving in tanks, it was a ton of fun and I was glad to act like I was a kid again, heheheh. So tomorrow it's back to the real world and responsibilities, stress, and all the fun stuff associated with work. Photography wise I am hoping to post some news in the next few days....weeks about new stuff coming this year from Randy Pond Photography. I'm hoping 2009 will be a successful year for my photography work and I am looking forward to pushing my skills and techniques a lot more to give my work an even stronger look and feel. :)
Okay, it's my last day of holidays so I am going to go chill out and watch football and possibly game a bit more....heheheh. Happy New Year everyone.....yay Oilers for winning in 2009!!
~ Oilers ~

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