16 November 2008

~ Weekend Ends Peacefully ~

Well, it was quite a week. I did some good relaxing with my cats. Nahla, Scully and Finnigan. They sure are a bunch of cats. It makes it tough with two cats and no Jenn around to help with them. I think Nahla and Finnigan are slowly becoming buddies and Scully is going to take a LONG time to come around to the new man.
I have to say that my buddy Sonny and I have had a BLAST playing the new Gears of War 2. That game is highly addictive and cool. We're pretty awesome for a couple old video game dudes. I have to say a sad weekend for Edmonton teams. Esks are out, Oilers are back to their losing ways. I am going to have to quit watching sports....I am not sure when Edmonton can get back to winning but it sure doesn't look like they want to. I hope Mac-T gets the axe. I am not sure how much he can keep losing before the owner or someone in power can smarten up and fire him. Time for a change Oilers....this less then average hockey is getting tiresome. Jenn and I decided we're not going to waste our money going to games until this franchise gets a different direction. Since games are on TV we can be Oiler fans that way and save our money for other entertainment.
I can't believe November is almost over. Xmas is around the corner, that is awesome. I can't wait for holidays and time with my beautiful wife and our 3 cats.

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