05 October 2008

Weekend is over

Well, football was fun. I have a chance to win two sport select tickets tomorrow night for Monday night football. If the Saints win I'll win a ticket of $49 and another ticket of like $30. I don't bet big, a whole $4 risked. However sports select is almost impossible to win so I would be shocked if it turned out.

To see latest images from a wedding I shot check my photography blog linked off my website. I also had a lot of fun on Friday, see the youtube video below from the rockband competition at our PD day. Big thx to Mister Hay who organized it....we didn't win but wow that was fun and very cool. We never expected it to be what is was....in front of all the people...we figured it wasn't going to be such a big deal. We also didn't plan on people practicing and going all expert mode. I would of been able to play hard or probably even expert had I put in practice time. However with the 3 ladies I am not sure we all could have done expert. But congrats to the band that won. However I don't know if they deserved the xbox hehehe. A little birdy told me they already have a Wii in their staffroom complete with a plasma screen tv. Now they are totally set.

I had a lazy day today, wish I had more stuff completeted but all in all it was a good weekend.



Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Love that shot, where is it ?

Randy said...

a farm 5 minutes from Provost.