29 October 2008

Blog Stalkers FEEDJIT

I have the FEEDJIT addon to my blog which shows me who checks out my blog. It's been interesting to see the different places around the world and some info about them. I can even check a worldwide map to see all the flags of countries.

Edmonton, Alberta arrived on "Randy Pond Photography"
Red Deer, Alberta arrived from
randypond.ca on "Randy Pond Photography"
Coello, Illinois arrived on "
Randy Pond Photography"
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan arrived from
ca.search.yahoo.com on "Randy Pond Photography"

It is interesting to see the same ones over and over and over and yet never recieve any comments. The Lloydminster one checks 2-3 times a day and always searching for me through yahoo.ca and almost borders on creepy stalker status. Anyway, I know some people checking my site are photography clients, friends, people I know but also some are just strange lurkers and kind of makes one wonder. Anyway.....I guess u never can tell.

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