10 October 2008

Awesome program to clean your computer

Everyone needs to check out this link. It's an awesome program to clean your computer up. Check it out, I found it very useful.
I LOVE that Calgary lost 6-0 yesterday. Poor O'Neill, she was not happy after her team got smacked around. Here is to hoping Edmonton wins vs the Avs. I am also going against O'Neill in fantasy football this weekend. She is 5-0 and is pretty cocky she will win. I am pretty sure she will win as my fantasy football team is injury ridden and VERY BAD. I am hoping for a Brett Favre miracle and that he'll earn me some massive fantasy points.
I am so happy it's Thanks-Giving Weekend, yay for snow today too....feels like hockey is back, snow+hockey. :)
Go Oilers!!!!

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