26 September 2008

Preseason Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers got thier first win of the preseason vs the Panthers via the shootout. Shades of last year as this has been a shootout filled preseason for the Oil. I am waiting for the regular season to begin as preseason is always decieving in the sense you never know who will be playing where. I do love the depth the Oilers appear to have this year. Lots of youth and speed...they added some gritty guys as well. I don't think they'll be as easy to push around as they were last year. Who knows, I am a diehard Oiler fan and I won't be really able to brag about my team until they start to prove themselves on the ice. I am just hoping they are better then Calgary for once, lol. I am sick of that whole Calgary mania that has swept over Oil country. It's time to put that madness to an end and start some Oiler mania. The weekend is here and I need to rest up and do some work as well. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend too.

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