07 September 2008

Fantasy Football Sunday

Well, I might have my 1st win on fantasy football. I'll have to wait and see after Monday night football. It'll be interesting if I can win, considering I made some silly mistakes with my lineup.
The weekend was good...got to hang with Lindsay a little. Went to Red Willow church and saw my buddy Trevor Boller "The High Roller" for a bit...he is one busy dude. We never see him much. After church we went out to Nestor's farm for his corn roast and it was FREEZING cold. The food was yummy and seeing his dog Indy (a puppy I rescued off the rez and gave to Nestor) was nice.
I did watch football a bit today, saw oldman Favre win!! :) Also painted a bit of our garage floor. Looks good and so clean. Finished some wedding edits for Brianna (check my photo blog). Anyway off to sleep I go...BUSY day tomorrow.

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