16 September 2008

5D and Photoshop CS4

I heard through the grape vine (other blogs) that adobe will be announcing their creative suite 4 on Sept.23rd. That is VERY cool. I am a photoshop LOVER and it'll be interesting to see what new features they are going to be adding to photoshop. I am a BIG lightroom fan now. I kind of hope there is some lightroom like features built in to photoshop. I think it would be cool to use presets or something like that in the new photoshop. Also Canon shooters are eagerly awaiting the new 5D successor. I just wish I had a million dollars to buy every new toy that comes out.
As for my "personal blog", I've decided to start doing some photoshop tips and add some pictures to give some visual instruction. I will try and have one up this week. It'll prob be some very basic stuff, so don't expect anything earth shattering. It's picture day today and I forgot as usual...hehehe. Good thing I never buy school photos.


Rachel Schultz said...

ooh...you just made my day. If you ever do find that money tree let me know

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Woooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Schultz said...

Hey I was really hoping to see you at private school. Are you joining be school on Oct1?