10 August 2008

Wild Kittens

Jenn and I were out for a walk and as we passed by a junkyard in Vegreville, we noticed a small family of cats. A Mom and her 3 white kittens, we were not sure if there were more or not. I had the g7 with me so I snapped a few shots. It makes my heart feel sad to know they are living without anyone to care for them. They were in a fenced off yard, living underneath a overgrown pallet and next to a huge grocery store. I felt sad, because I know how loved our cats are and just wish we could of taken all of these kittens home with us. They are pretty wild and didn't get scared of us but also didn't seem very trusting in us even though we sat and talked baby talk to them for awhile. I think we amused them. :)

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