17 August 2008

~ A Lady in Control ~

~ A Lady in Control ~
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Jenn and I had a trip to Calgary where we saw some good friends. I got to also hang with my friend Wil Yee. He's an amazing artist and everyone should be checking his website and hiring him to do work. http://www.wilyee.com and also had a chance to see O'Neill and her man. We stayed with Jenn's friend Corey. I called some cousins and hoped to do some portraits for them but that didn't work out.

Also, bad news our Canon g7 is a paper weight. It just stopped working.....never had a canon camera die like that. Hope the 40D hangs in there. It would suck to lose that camera to a freak incident. I heard of a program from canon that might help us. If it works out we should have a g9 out of it and be done with out g7. Crossing my fingers and toes. I like the g series camera. My first digi was a g3. Have a soft spot for them.

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