01 August 2008

GreyHound Bus Killing

I heard about the recent murder on the Greyhound Bus from Tammy (Smileyeyes) and was really shocked at the violent nature of this crime. The senseless act has a lot of the world talking and arguing about it. People are saying the people on the bus should of done something, should have helped this young man. I read a lot of people saying Canadians are "pussies" for not carrying guns and better self defence. Some American's were posting how they would of shot this guy, or if the guy had a gun he could have defended himself. I don't think any amount of firepower on that bus could have stopped this act. From what I read it happened quickly and unexpectedly. Panic sets in and I think from what I read that those there that night did the best they could. Thankfully no one else was harmed in this attack. It sounds to me like the victim must have died quickly.
I understand people's anger, fear and frustration when things like this happen. It would of been awesome if some heroic person had a gun, shot this guy dead before he murdered this man. Yet it didn't happen. Evil always finds ways to carry out acts like this. It's a sad world we live in and thankfully here in Canada we don't see this kind of evil very often.
Stuff like this is sick and pure evil. However, I don't think killing this sick guy is the answer. It's a horrible thing to happen but does killing this guy really offer justice for what he did? No justice system would allow for him to be killed in the manner he killed his victim. If Canada did have a death penalty it would be a "humane" killing and that wouldn't even be justice for what he did. It's senseless what he did and I do support the Police and the military using deadly force to protect the innocent. However the innocent can't always be saved and like I said, evil exsists on this earth and it's a fact we need to accept. I believe in the 10 commandments and Thou Shalt Not Kill is a very important one. I realize this is a VERY sensitive subject and one very debatable....everyone has a different opinion. It brings up a lot of issues. I know people have argued with me before and said what if it was someone you loved that was murdered? I can't even imagine nor would I want to how I would feel. Sad, hurt and angry yes. But I do know in my heart I couldn't bring myself to kill another person in revenge for that. I know the nothing could bring back the person I loved and killing wouldn't fix it one bit. I think for myself it boils down to faith. I live a life of faith, faith that God is real, faith that whatever happens in life does not go without notice in God's eyes. He is the judge, jury and executioner and I would rather leave those things in His hands then take them in to my own. We all need to remember that we have a choice, to believe God and do our best to follow Him, or to live with what the world has to offer.
John 6:47 "I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life." NIV

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