20 August 2008

Busy Week and American Thinking

Well, still no vagabond pictures yet. Been busy here at home with "home" stuff. Plumber came today and evaluated some of the issues we've had with our plumbing. Turns out some of the stuff we thought was "bad" wasn't so bad. I feel it's time for a good rant. In a recent phone call with my sister, I decided out of the blue to ask her if she knew who the Canadian Prime Minister is. She had no clue, her reaction to my shock was pretty much typical American. She didn't seem to care who it was and pretty much said "who cares, it's Canada" and laughed it off. She's married to an American guy that shares those views. It's hard to believe she lived most of her life as a Canadian and has only been in the States a hand full of years and is already extremely disconnected from Canada and doesn't seem to have much clue about anything happening beyond the borders of the USA. Melting pot at work I guess.
I am SO thankful to be Canadian and in a country where culture and the world are not ignored. Canada is NOT perfect but I am lucky, lucky, LUCKY to call this place on earth home. I know many people that would LOVE to be in my position. It's sad when my own sister doesn't seem to know anything about the country she was born in anymore.
Jenn's been away for only a few days and Nahla is missing her like mad. Yesterday she was all anxious about things and today she was just a suck. Chosing to be a suck and cuddle like mad. I was also a lazy bum and wished I had more accomplished. I did go out and buy a copy of Madden 2009. I played the BUCS vs FALCONS and got a close win, 17-14, coming down to a field goal kick late in the 4th to win. While it's NOT even close to being as good a football game as the 2k series, it's the only NFL game on the market and will do for a good NFL video game fix. I hope the 9ers, Bucs and Saints do good this year....I also admit to liking the Colts and since Favre is a Jet I got to cheer for some old man power. :)

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