25 August 2008

Back to Work This Week

So Nestor came over and we had a fun weekend. I took some pics of Nestor (see my Flickr, or my photo blog for those pics). I also went to Red Willow on Saturday with Nestor. He's never been there before, Jenn and I want him to meet a hot single girl there. :)

I got to play some vids with Nestor too, we played Soul Caliber and rocked some new characters. That game is addicting, it's like dressing up barbie dolls and then having violent battles with them....hehehe. I am also happy that today I talked with a dude here in town that will hook me up on a hockey team. They start in Oct. so I will have awhile to grab some new equipment, as my stuff is old and crusty like me and it needs to be updated. I need to exercise more and really get myself in shape. Hope the hockey will help. Well, work starts this week.....YUCKY.....and I also discovered how BAD of shape I am in. Nestor and I played some bball and I am hurting, I need to run more and get my cardio back, especially before I start playing any hockey! :)

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