04 June 2008

Cruelity to Animals

I have to vent about this. I just read a CBC news report of the 2, 17 year old boys from the Camrose area that microwaved a family's cat. If you know me really well, you'll know I am VERY much against the death penalty and don't believe that there can ever be justice given for acts like murder. Killing someone is not going to make things any better after acts of murder. However, after reading what they did and what they pleaded guilty to, it makes my blood run cold. I realize that there can be just as violent acts carried out on people, but the problem I have when it's to animals is how helpless they are.

Our pets trust us, they give us love and depend on us for everything. Hearing how they carried out such a horrible act on a family's pet is to me an unforgivable act. I believe that God can forgive but wow, just reading about what they did has me so angry towards something like that. I just can't understand what kind of person is capable of doing something like that? I don't know if any punishment can replace the pain and suffering that cat endured or the pain the family felt from that loss. To me it's a sign that there is pure evil on this earth and reminds me how important it is to have faith and a connection to God. Without a faith in God an act like this is enough to drive anyone over the edge. I know if it had been one of my cats, I'd be broken down and unable to even function. The urge to go out and get revenge on these kids would be so strong. However they committed this crime and I do hope they have to live with themselves and are reminded of what losers they are every day. I can't see how 2 kids like this can come back from something like that. I know how angry people were when this story broke. I can't imagine them leading normal lives after something like this. It would be nice if they could live out there lives in a cell.
Anyway, there is my rant, I am so sickened by it...I won't even go in to details because what I read made me feel sick. What a sick world we live in.

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