26 May 2008


A beautiful and sunny morning...here is a good proverb for the day.....

He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe.
Proverbs 28:26/

This text really speaks to me, because I trust myself far too much, which has really resulted in foolish choices and pretty much just as bad outcomes. I really want to be walking in wisdom as the whole trusting in myself seems to not work out so good...heheheh. So todays proverb is well taken with moi.

The weekend went by so quickly. Sunday was a lazy day, Jenn and I kind of were exhausted and just spent it with the cats. Nahla and Scully both had a lot of cuddle time. Tomorrow is a P.D. day for me, so I have to make sub plans today. I have a REALLY good sub coming in so I am not worried. I also have Grad photos of Kristyn tomorrow as well. It will be nice to try doing some grad shots too. Not sure if they'll be studio shots or if we'll do mostly outside. She said she wanted them to be a bit different. I'd love to shoot outside as natural light rules. However I am starting to enjoy using my flash combined with natural light too. When it comes to my 70-200 I am in love!!! :) Hoping for a good day all around! :)

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